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We Are Hiring

Join the Soma Fitness Team as a Full-Time Personal Trainer!

Are you passionate about fitness and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals? Look no further! Soma Fitness is seeking a motivated and authentic individual to join our team as a Personal Trainer. If you possess a strong work ethic, a love for people, and a deep understanding of resistance training and nutrition, we want to hear from you!

What We’re Looking For:

  • Passion for people and fitness
  • Good work ethic and authentic character
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Experience in resistance training
  • Strong understanding of nutrition and the ability to design nutritional programs
  • Willingness to continuously improve and grow

Benefits of Joining Soma Fitness:

  • Self Employed Contract which is more tax efficient.
  • Opportunity to work alongside experienced coaches and build a substantial client base.
  • Access to additional education provided by the company, enhancing your knowledge and expertise as a coach.

Why Choose Soma Fitness:

At Soma Fitness, we are committed to investing in your success as a personal trainer. We’ll promote and market you to build your client base, and our experienced team will guide and mentor you throughout your career. No matter the challenges you face, we’ll be there to offer solutions and support you every step of the way.

We believe in long-term partnerships and aim to progress with you as you advance in your coaching career. As your reputation grows, we can increase the value of your services to clients, resulting in higher earnings for you. Together, we will work towards building a thriving personal training business with a strong client base.

Your Journey with Us:

In the early stages, we’ll collaborate to establish your client base and introduce you to the systems and structures in place at Soma Fitness. This will lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable personal training business under our private gym and the Soma Fitness umbrella.

While building your business might require initial effort, the results you achieve with your clients will contribute to enhancing your reputation and attracting more clients over time. Our goal is to see you succeed in the long term, with a waiting list of clients eager to work with you.

Investing in Your Growth:

At Soma Fitness, we care about your development. We’re thrilled to support you by enrolling you in courses and seminars to enhance your skills and knowledge as a personal trainer.

If you’re ready to pursue a fulfilling career in personal training, where growth and success go hand in hand, join the Soma Fitness team today. Apply now and take the first step toward building your reputation to the highest standards within the fitness industry.

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