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Personal Trainer

10+ Years Experience

After leaving Soma 3 years ago Jonny wanted to challenge himself on a personal and professional level and travelled to New Zealand. Jonny went over to New Zealand with no job plans just with the outlook to make an impact as a personal trainer and with the confidence his ability that he can guarantee to help people achieve life changing results and landed a job in a well established gym and began to achieve great results with his clients.

As a former professional athlete in the English super league, Jonny is no stranger to going absolutely all in.

Jonny achieved incredible weight loss results for his clients. The biggest being 50kg on multiple occasions and consistently backed up his talk with action. By doing whatever it takes to help the client to understand what is required to achieve their desired result.

Although scale weight and changes are the most apparent in the progress pictures below, Jonny is more so proud of the lasting impact on the clients mindset and understanding of the process to achieve results to be sustainable for life.

Jonny isn’t available to coach everyone.

His coaching numbers are capped at a set amount to achieve maximum results with his current clients. He only takes on personal training clients who are serious about wanting results and are willing to change.

"I specialise in body transformations and can help you achieve life changing results."

Talk to me if you need help with a tailored training programme.

50 kg in 26 weeks