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6.00 AM - 21.00 PM

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Q: What is Soma Fitness?

A: Soma Fitness is a private gym dedicated to delivering a high standard of personal training. We focus on providing personalised fitness programs tailored to individual goals and requirements.

Q: How do the coaches at Soma work with individuals?

A: Our coaches at Soma guide and structure all the necessary elements to help clients achieve their personal goals. We take care of your training, lifestyle habits, and nutritional requirements, customising them based on your unique needs and overall objectives.

Q: What is involved in the assessment process?

A: To begin your fitness journey with us, we ask you to fill in a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire. This allows us to assess factors such as sleep, stress, digestion, and other lifestyle habits that may impact your ability to reach your goals. Once you complete the questionnaire and email it back to us, our coaches will process the data and extract any relevant information for your consultation. Your first session is an assessment where we look at your mobility, stability and strength all of our programming is based on our observations of your assessment.

Q: What happens during the initial consultation?

A: We offer a FREE initial consultation with one of our coaches. During this meeting, we discuss your goals, go into further detail about your specific areas of focus, and develop a plan of action. We will also outline how we will structure and implement your weekly training and nutritional targets in a progressive manner.

Q: What takes place in the first session?

A: The first session at Soma is an assessment. We evaluate certain anthropometric measurements based on your goals. Additionally, we assess the mobility, stability, and strength of your shoulders, hips, and spine. These assessments help us design a training program that caters to your unique anatomical characteristics and aligns with your overall goals.

Q: How is the programming at Soma different from other personal trainers?

A: Our programming stands out because it is entirely tailored to you as an individual. We consider your goals and the results of our functional assessment to create a bespoke program. We take into account all the data collected, allowing us to customise every aspect of your training. This personalised approach along with our professional standards sets us apart from other personal trainers.

Q: What is the process for getting started with Soma?

A: To begin your fitness journey with Soma, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and express your interest.
  2. Fill in the client questionnaire.
  3. Schedule a FREE initial consultation.
  4. Book your first session, which includes an assessment.
  5. Begin your program, which has been designed and tailored to you based on the all the data collected and your goals.

Q: Do your prices include nutritional coaching and programming?

A: Yes, our prices include both nutritional coaching and programming. We understand the importance of comprehensive support, and we provide guidance not only in training but also in nutrition to help you achieve optimal results.

Q: Where is Soma located?

A: Soma is located in on Hale Road in Altrincham. We serve clients in Altrincham, Hale, and the surrounding areas.

Q: Do your coaches have different rates?

A: Yes, our coaches rates are based on their expertise and experience levels. However all of our coaches work under the same principals and values that have been adapted revised and developed since 2007 when Soma Fitness was established. We have worked with 1000s of clients and we still continue to improve our standards so we can produce the highest quality service in the industry.

Q: How can I find a personal trainer near me?

A: If you are looking for a personal trainer near your location, Soma offers personalised training services in Altrincham and Hale. We are conveniently situated in these areas, making it convenient for residents to access our private gym.

Q: Does Soma offer weight loss programs?

A: Yes, at Soma, we offer weight loss programs tailored to individual needs. Our coaches can help you create a customised plan to achieve your weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.