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Stelios Shengas

Stelios has dedicated his life to finding, studying and applying what really works effectively in the fields of health, strength, conditioning and performance.

Madalina Petrusel

Madalina is a well rounded natural therapist with over 9 years of combined training in the natural health field.

Andreas Olympios

With well over a decade of dedicated personal training experience, Andreas’s journey into the world of fitness began at a young age, fueled by a deep-rooted love for sports and well-being.

Jonny Molloy

Jonny achieved incredible weight loss results for his clients. The biggest being 50kg on multiple occasions and consistently backed up his talk with action. By doing whatever it takes to help the client to understand what is required to achieve their desired result.

Craig Greenwood

Craig Greenwood is a dedicated personal training coach with a passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives. With a profound personal journey that includes experiencing significant fat loss and muscle building, Craig understands the challenges and triumphs that come with the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.