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Founder/Personal Trainer

10+ Years Experience

Founder of Soma Fitness in Altrincham, in 2007 he decided to open the gym on Hale Road dedicated to private 1-1 and small group personal training and coaching.

From a young age Stelios has been fascinated by the function and performance of the human body, he has spend many years of his life researching and applying methods on how to improve the function and performance of the human body.

This led him in the participation of martial arts like the art of boxing, kickboxing, and submission wrestling all at a competitive level. Using weightlifting and conditioning methods to improve his performance in the sports he participated in.

Stelios has dedicated his life to finding, studying and applying what really works effectively in the fields of health, strength, conditioning and performance.

He has been fortunate to intern with many great strength and fitness coaches from all around the world. And work alongside some highly experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers within his private facility.

“I have been in a gym environment for the most part of my life and I have many years of experience in helping people achieve their health, physique, fitness, body composition and performance goals.

Our main goal here at Soma Fitness with our team of high level personal trainers and coaches is to reach out and help as many people as we can. We have a great team of personal trainers here in Hale, Altrincham who not only have the knowledge and experience in the personal training and physical development field but also have the passion compassion and drive to understand what it takes and how to mentor you to get there.””

"I have dedicated my life to training and want to pass on my passion to you"

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