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Our philosophy is that health fitness and exercise is not just about getting in shape and looking good but to also improve the quality of our everyday lives. Our years of expertise helping thousands of our clients reach and maintain their goals, and our continuous ongoing education on the latest nutritional and exercise research has led us to believe that getting fit is about exercising in a functional, effective, and efficient manner to improve the way in which your body looks and functions. We are also proud in the way in which we construct your nutritional programs bespoke to you as an individual calculating the exact number of macronutrients required each day to put your body in the environment to achieve your overall desired goals. We can also help you take a deeper dive into personal nutrition working alongside our in-house holistic therapist via full health screenings which involve food sensitivity tests, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies, and more, with naturopathic and herbal remedies this gives us a great advantage in pinpointing any areas further helping you achieving your health and performance goals. These steps allow us to take each client as an individual unlike other diet or nutritional methods who have a one for all approach in their exercise and nutritional programs.

Not only are our training programs customised to you as an individual, but our coaches are highly trained in exercise mechanics and exercise execution and can coach you to execute exercises correctly based on your sex, size and shape and consider your own unique morphology. This is one of the many things that differentiates our services to other gyms and personal training facilities.

We use more training methods to create innovative and motivating programs which include strength and conditioning, body composition coaching (weight/fat loss/muscle hypertrophy), mobility, stability, and strength.

Body Composition Coaching

With our nutritional guidance and our expert exercise knowledge we can provide you with an effective individualised program that will be designed with the best strategy in place to achieve the body composition you desire over a structured period of time. We consider various factors like sleep, stress and digestion and we place additional focus on any areas that may be hindering your progress.

Our body composition program is an individual based approach which when followed consistently under the guidance of your coach you will be guaranteed to hit your body composition goals and feel healthy in doing so. We always put health at the forefront of our approach. Helping you get on the correct path and giving you the correct exercise program and education along the way ensuring you have the tools to assist you in undoubtedly reaching your body composition goals.

Strength and Conditioning

The strength and conditioning programs we incorporate for individuals are aimed at improving all functions and performance of the human body. Whatever your goal we have worked with a wide range of individuals from professional to hobbyist golfers, MMA Champions, Boxing Champions, Youth Programs for Rugby and Football athletes to endurance sport athletes. We believe that the stronger the athlete the better they can perform in their chosen pursuit.

We involve corrective exercises to correct any muscle in balances, posture or any other red flags that are found during our assessment. Our approach is that if we do not fix any issues in terms of mobility and stability in the early stages, they will cause problems down the line and also affect your potential to perform at your best.

Sports Specific Conditioning

We also can improve performance enhancement through sport specific functional training that we use with athletes on all levels including both Amateur and Professional athletes ranging from a wide range of sports.

With our specialised training facility and outstanding coaches we are able to train you like you have never trained before taking you to the next level in your game and beyond. Looking at the biomechanics of your sport alongside with the physical attributes required for your sport we create a tailor made program focusing on the sport specific requirements.

If you want to improve your sports and performance this type of training is strongly recommended.

Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation Coaching

Our Coaches use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat injuries sustained through accidents or sports participation so the individual can regain normal pain-free mobility.

The primary goal is to return to pre-injury/pre-surgery activities.

Private Group Training

Do you want to train with your friends in a private small group setting? We can provide this service for you, this is a much more affordable approach than 1-1 personal training. We can cater for group sizes of 2-6 people. Our coaches will design a program based of the whole groups overall goals.

Nutritional Consultations

We believe in working with people as individuals this includes the nutritional protocols offer. Our personal trainers have a great deal of knowledge on nutrition to work with you alongside your goals. We also have a professional Nutritionist and Herbalist that offers their services for our clients. We have found our clients have had outstanding results physically and their overall health has improved dramatically even clients with serious health conditions. We can offer you a general nutritional protocol to help you get to your body composition and lifestyle goals with the guidance of your Personal trainer or we can help you take a more in depth step to the next level by taking a more individualised approach based on your genetic make up and bio chemistry with an in-depth consultation and testing that can tell us about any vitamin and mineral deficiencies you may have along with any intolerances that may be hindering you from getting results and full optimal health. We can create a bespoke supplement routine which will take you out of any deficiencies and get your body back into full balance. Working closely alongside our in house nutritionist and herbalist based within our facility, we have the equipment and facilities which can test and screen for all your needs.

Our in house nutritionist will mentor and guide you along the way making sure that you understand and maintain your routine guaranteeing you get optimal results.

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