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When James began the body transformation process 8 months ago, he was unsure of where to even get started with everything. That’s why he reached out for help.


We started out with the fundamentals of what it takes to achieve a real body transformation.


x3 PT sessions per week with scheduled recovery days and implemented simple nutrition protocols that are tailored towards his individual needs and are easy to follow.


James understood from the very early stages that for him to see changes. He had to be ready and willing to change him. Which meant his lifestyle and habits outside had to improve. Immediately and with urgency to really see results.


He thrives off making progress week after week.


-20kg seems a lot of weight to lose but we never focused on it.


We focused on putting into practice every single day what it truly takes to achieve fat loss. Then followed the process 100% while making tweaks along the way.


⭐️ Increased confidence in himself inside & outside of the gym.


⭐️ Secured a new Job.


⭐️ Taken up a new hobby – rock climbing.


⭐️ Taken up running.


⭐️ Knows how to use any gym equipment and understands which muscle groups he is using and why.


⭐️ Is learning and understanding nutrition for fat loss and life changing habits which will stay with him for life. Oh.. and lost -20kg.


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