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Nutritionist/Herbalist Naturopath

Madalina is a well rounded natural therapist with over 9 years of combined training in the natural health field.

She is a qualified herbalist and has training in western herbal medicine, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, which allows her to offer the best possible herbal treatment individually tailored to you and your requirements.

Nutritional therapy is also a big part of Madalina’s protocols and is at the core of any and all programs and therapy protocols given in our clinic. This can be anything from supporting natural health and metabolism, to replenishing deficiencies and even using therapeutic dosages to combat disease. Nutrition is a big part of sustaining health and Madalina believes teaching and mentoring is a big part of her job. She enjoys teaching and mentoring her clients about supporting their lifestyle post therapy, to avoid and prevent disease and re occurrence of previous issues.

She is also a qualified naturopathic practitioner, this deals with all other natural modalities of healing that is different to herbal treatment or nutritional therapy and can advise on extra modalities in which you can boost your health and well-being. This is usually used in conjunction with other therapies to expedite results and support natural healing.

Madalina deals with clients in all types of conditions and has experience with a wide range of diseases, but also deals with prevention and rebalancing the body in early stages so disease can be avoided.

Testing and nutritional therapy is one of the great ways to do this. Knowing your nutritional deficiencies is a huge advantage and could be the key to unlocking your metabolic potential. We also test hormones, neurotransmitter and organ systems that are all so important to keep an eye on when rebalancing health and preventing disease.

Madalina has been practicing in the Hale and Altrincham area within her clinic The Natural Roots working with our clients here at Soma Fitness. We have seen fantastic results with our clients that have worked with our personal training programmes alongside her holistic therapy and treatment protocols using nutrition and herbs and individualised training programs to achieve optimal results for our clients.

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“Nutrition is the key to a healthy strong and lean body"

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