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Time Efficient Training


Designing a time efficient hypertrophy training programme




During certain periods of everyone’s life, life takes over and training needs to take a back seat. However, this should very rarely result in complete cessation of training. Making your schedule as time efficient as possible can be a real tool in helping you still carry out effective training sessions during busy periods in your life. Here are some factors that must be considered and altered when doing so:



Training Factor How to make it Time efficient and why?
Exercise Selection Primarily Choose Bi-Lateral Compound Lifts, as these will hit the most muscle groups and are typically the lifts you can easily load.
Set Structure Implement Supersets, Drop-Sets and Rest-Pause sets to increase volume without increasing overall session time by much.
Inter-set Rest Minimise inter-set rest. Typically, down to 1 minute.
Volume Implement minimum effective volume for growth, this is dependant one each muscle group and will vary slightly between individuals.

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