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“Sam is a fantastic personal trainer that’s made a massive difference in my life.” – Andrew Cannon

Andrew began his personal training journey at Soma with coach Sam in October 2022. Andrew had been suffering with long term shoulder issues from having poor alignment between his ribs cage and his pelvis. Andrew was also recovering from a shoulder surgery and did not have the ability to raise his left arm without experiencing a stabbing pain. This caused a limitation to his ability to perform pressing movements and particularly overhead movements could not be executed.

After 9 months under the coaching and guidance of coach Sam and the determination and trust in the process from Andrew, Andrews shoulder function is near to 100%. Andrews orientation of his rib cage position has improved and his physique has completely changed shape.

Strength continues to increase and Andrew is feeling great within his body. Progressions and improvements to his movement quality continue. Pressing movements and overhead movements in the stability range are pain free.

Andrew always brings a great work ethic and a positive attitude into his sessions and under the guidance of his coach Sam he is reaping the rewards. Well done Andrew!!