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Personal Trainer

As an ex footballer, Martin has experience playing at professional level in the USA and at a semi-professional level here in the UK. Due to a career ending injury, Martin was forced to retire at the age of just 21. This unfortunate experience though, has fuelled his desire and dedication to mentor, enhance and develop clients and athletes, giving them the platform to achieve their full potential.

For the past ten years Martin has delivered personal training / sports conditioning and strength & conditioning in the Altrincham, Hale area and at the Manchester institute of sport. Has as been working with a wide variety of clients including Professional and semi-professional footballers, athletes from various sports, celebrities and the general public of mixed abilities and experience. Martin provides performance enhancing training, as well as nutritional protocols and psychological support.

As a qualified tutor, Martin has worked with Trafford College in Altrincham for the past eight years delivering a variety of sport and fitness qualifications, training and mentoring all up and coming trainers and coaches within the industry.

These vital experiences have given Martin the skill set and experience to deliver specific conditioning, tailored training programmes, provide nutritional and psychological support and guidance, to enhance and develop each and every client which he works with.

"I specialise in Sports Conditioning and Strength Training"

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