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Stelios Shengas

Stelios has dedicated his life to finding, studying and applying what really works effectively in the fields of health, strength, conditioning and performance.

Madalina Petrusel

Madalina is a well rounded natural therapist with over 9 years of combined training in the natural health field.

Shay Ward

With a lifelong interest in health and fitness, Shay has developed a strong desire to help people develop an intrinsic interest towards an active lifestyle, helping them achieve a higher quality of life. This interest began throughout years of endurance training during adolescence, whereby Shay became interested in the how to optimise his own performance as a runner. This led him to study Sport and Exercise Science at University of Birmingham, where he was educated in several areas including: anatomy + physiology, coaching styles, motivation and nutrition.

Martin Gibson

For the past ten years Martin has delivered personal training / sports conditioning and strength & conditioning in the Altrincham, Hale area and at the Manchester institute of sport.