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At Soma Fitness we make your personal goals a priority.
Located in the heart of Altrincham on Hale Road, Soma fitness has Hale and Altrinchams premier personal trainers.

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Martin Gibson

For the past ten years Martin has delivered personal training / sports conditioning and strength & conditioning in the Altrincham, Hale area and at the Manchester institute of sport.

Stelios Shengas

Stelios has dedicated his life to finding, studying and applying what really works effectively in the fields of health, strength, conditioning and performance. He has been fortunate to intern with many great strength and fitness coaches from all around the world. And work alongside some highly experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers within his private facility. “I have been in a gym environment for the most part of my life and I have many years of experience in helping people achieve their health, physique, fitness, body composition and performance goals.

Shay Ward

With a lifelong interest in health and fitness, Shay has developed a strong desire to help people develop an intrinsic interest towards an active lifestyle, helping them achieve a higher quality of life. This interest began throughout years of endurance training during adolescence, whereby Shay became interested in the how to optimise his own performance as a runner.

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Why Soma Fitness

Soma Fitness is not like other gyms - Here is a few reasons why we are different


We have many years of experience in personal training clients from all walks of life since Soma Fitness was established in 2007.

In House Nutritionist

They say a six pack is made in the kitchen - our in house nutritionist is always on hand to guide you.

Fully Equipped Gym

We have everything you need to achieve your goals with our state of the art training spaces in a personal and private setting

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Check out our reviews - we get results. No ifs, buts or maybe's! We know how to get them and know how to better them